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Vanessa Myers Tucson Harpist Vanessa Myers

New publication!

My lever harp arrangement of Mason Williams' quintessential 1960's solo guitar hit, "Classical Gas", is available for sale! To my knowledge, this is the only published harp arrangement for this tune. This arrangement is intermediate-level, lever changes were kept to a minimum, and the left hand was designed to emulate an acoustic bass. It is suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike and is easily adaptable to pedal harp. The music comprises four pages and includes a glossary of musical terms. Click here for an excerpt of the sheet music. The cost is $12 plus shipping for a hard copy or $12 for a digital copy (.pdf). Payment options are personal check from a US bank or PayPal (worldwide, excluding Australia). Please email me at HarpImages@comcast.net to purchase yours today!


"This is a great arrangement of Classical Gas, a difficult song to arrange for harp. Vanessa has kept the true spirit of the song while making it accessible to play on a Celtic harp. Fantastic!" --Anne Roos, Grammy award-winning lever harpist

"I love this arrangement! It lays well under the fingers, has great harpistic effects, and has all the right parts (from the original guitar tune) but is not too difficult." --Christine Vivona, pop/jazz pedal harpist for Ray Charles, the Moody Blues, Al Jarreau and Linda Ronstadt

"I love this!! Great job keeping the integrity of the original!" --Kirsten Agresta Copely, pedal harpist for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Buble and John Legend

Other News:
Click here for a wonderful 2022 Plaza Colonial TV commercial where I am pictured with my harp for one of my employers, Wilde Meyer Gallery!